Our smart study guides provide the most important lessons in a very compact format. They cover a variety of learning subjects such as education, business, medicine, and international exams. Carry them either in your bag to school or in your pocket (two sizes) for a quick look!

  1. A quick handy reference for your studies
  2. Scan the QR code and watch the guide teacher
  3. Take quizzes and receive feedback!
  4. Do some exercises and check your answers
  5. Share your learning experiences!

How to use?

Scan the QR code on the guide and follow your teacher! Read the lessons, do exercises, and take quizzes

Where to use?

Carry them with yourself either in your bag, on your mobile, or even in your pocket!

Who uses our study guides?

Students, employees, almost everyone!
  • Two Sizes:

            Bag style: 81/5-11 X 3 (triple panels)

            Pocket Style: 8 1/5” *11

  • Print quality: HD (full color)
  • Paper: Stone paper (100% Tree Free, Water Proof, durable, recyclable)
  • Prices: Printed: $7.95 | Electronic: $5.95