SLICE the IELTS is one of our top-performing programs, offering an innovative approach to IELTS preparation tailored for intermediate English learners, enabling gradual skill mastery and exam success.

Overview: SLICE the IELTS transforms IELTS prep with a progressive strategy, breaking tests into manageable parts. Students start simple, gradually mastering complex challenges, akin to enjoying pizza slice by slice. It provides a focused three-month curriculum for both “ACADEMIC” and “GENERAL” modules, tailored for intermediate English learners. It offers a unique self-paced learning experience with interactive multimedia presentations.

Program Structure:

  • Listening Skills: Focus on specific question types, master sections step by step, learn test strategies, review transcripts, master vocabulary, track progress, take spelling quizzes, and attend workshops.
  • Reading Skills: Get tips for each type, access 140+ tests, work on 14 types, master vocabulary, take weekly quizzes, track progress, and engage in interactive workshops.
  • Writing Skills: Receive resources for each task, access lessons, samples, quizzes, get guidance for each part, practice language and grammar, track progress, and attend correction workshops.
  • Speaking Skills: Access handouts, analyze videos and interviews, practice speaking, enhance vocabulary, focus on grammar, and prepare for real interviews with tips and strategies.

Key Highlights of SLICE the IELTS:

  • Structured Curriculum: Three-month program with a detailed week-by-week study plan for systematic skill mastery.
  • Gradual Complexity: Tests progress from easy to difficult versions, preparing students for full-scale standard tests.
  • Targeted Learning: Focus on specific question types, sections, tasks, and speaking parts for deep understanding.
  • Interactive Learning: Multimedia presentations enhance engagement, comprehension, and retention.
  • Extensive Resources: Access to approximately 15 valid IELTS books for diverse practice materials.
  • Specialized Support: Tailored handouts, tips, and strategies empower students with effective test-taking skills.
  • Continuous Assessment: Weekly/monthly tracking, spelling quizzes, and workshops ensure ongoing improvement.
  • Focused Workshops: Refine skills through note-taking, context analysis, pronunciation, vocabulary, and question correction sessions.

Delivery Method: The program is delivered in person with printed materials, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Duration and Completion: The project took 8 months to complete, starting in October 2016 and ending in June 2017. It involved combining and compiling various IELTS textbooks into the SLICE system.

Updates: The curriculum was partially updated in 2022, particularly focusing on reading, listening, and writing skills, to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Main License and Copyright Information: Please note that the main license for SLICE the IELTS program, including its content and materials, is copyrighted by its Score Guides company. Only a copy of this program was utilized at Cloud Nine College during the designer’s (Dr. Nazari) tenure as an instructor there.

SLICE the IELTS is developed by Dr. Mostafa Nazari, a certified IELTS teacher with extensive experience. Over the past two years, he has refined the program while teaching numerous international students and collaborating with esteemed institutions in Vancouver.

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