Explore our comprehensive resources for educators, featuring TESOL guidance, instructional design tools, curriculum development resources, and more in our TESOL Resources & Education Toolbox collection.

TESOL Resources

TESL Canada

TESL Canada is a key resource for teacher trainers and TESOL students, offering guidance, certification standards, and networking to enhance teaching effectiveness and student outcomes in English language teaching.


TESOL and TESL Research Papers and Articles 

The website hosts a collection of articles related to English language teaching, covering various topics and offering valuable insights for educators.


TESOL Sample Lesson Plans
The journal offers a wide range of user-submitted lesson plans grouped by skill (reading, culture, icebreakers), providing varied content and structures.


Teaching English at British Council 

The site offers diverse articles on English lesson plans, featuring creative teaching ideas and insights into second language teaching, enhancing both lesson plans and language teaching skills.



This website provides a comprehensive review of second and foreign language teaching methods, making it an excellent resource for educators and learners alike interested in EFL instruction.


Using English

The site offers PDF lesson plans for different levels, including crucial test prep materials like IELTS and Cambridge ESOL-based exercises, alongside printable quizzes on grammar and general topics. 

The site offers a “worksheet generator” for quick ESL exercise prep, extensive lesson plans, ready-made worksheets, reading exercises, games, daily class warm-ups, teaching tips, and ESL methodology articles.

Education Toolbox

EdApp – 10 Instructional Design Examples

The website showcases 10 instructional design examples such as microlearning, gamified learning, story-based design, scenario-based learning, and infographics, providing detailed insights into their application and effectiveness.


Harvard University Free Courses

Harvard University’s website provides free online courses across multiple subjects, allowing learners to access top-notch education and improve their skills at their own pace.


Program Design & Development Handout

This handbook provides valuable insights into program design and development, covering various steps, approaches, and procedures essential for creating effective programs.


The Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a valuable educational resource for adults and students, offering creative writing prompts, quizzes, games, and tutorials to improve English writing skills, including essay composition.


English Club

English Club offers talking point worksheets covering diverse topics, from serious subjects like biofuel and kidnapping to lighter discussions such as shopping, each including vocabulary and extensive discussion questions.


Breaking News English

Breaking News English offers news articles at various learning levels, providing real information and useful vocabulary without overwhelming students, making it ideal for adult ESL learners seeking engaging lessons.



This site offers ready-to-print flashcards, worksheets, and puzzles, making it a valuable resource for kids, especially for lessons centered around Western holidays like Halloween.