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Established in 2020, Score Guides has four years of successful experience in curriculum development. The company excels in creating tailored educational solutions, focusing on developing comprehensive curriculums for institutions and businesses. Our experienced team, consisting of education and instructional design experts, ensures the delivery of top-notch programs and customized courses to meet specific needs effectively.

Score Guides offers curriculum development as its primary service, working closely with colleges, universities, and business entities to design comprehensive and effective curriculums tailored to meet their specific needs. Additionally, we provide consultation services for high-demand programs, learning platform design and LMS management, recruitment and faculty selection, accreditation assistance, and IT department services tailored for learning. Click our Services

Our team at Score Guides consists of professionals with specialized expertise in instructional design, education, literacy, and TESOL, with many holding Ph.D. or Master’s degrees in education. Additionally, our company benefits from the guidance of experienced advisors. This diverse and experienced team ensures the delivery of high-quality educational solutions customized to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Click Our Team

Our company specializes in designing programs and courses in two main areas: TESOL-related programs, such as certificate, diploma, and post-graduate programs, and customized programs tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Our customized programs encompass a wide range of areas, including ESL language exam preparation courses, literacy courses, and career courses.

We have a portfolio of successful projects in curriculum development, including certificate and diploma programs, IELTS preparation programs, ESL programs, EAP programs, and literacy-related programs. Additionally, we have developed short-term career success courses such as ethical considerations in the workplace and instructional design-based courses. Visit the Portfolio section.

The company has developed four successful TESOL programs, all accredited by TESL Canada and implemented in two colleges in Vancouver. One of our most successful programs is TESOL 300, which we proudly showcase on our website with detailed information and documentation. Click Project Showcase

Score Guides collaborates with institutions through a streamlined process designed to facilitate efficient communication and project development. Institutions can begin their journey by filling out either the Request Forms on our website. Our four-step process includes submitting the request form, reviewing the details with an assigned team lead, scheduling a meeting to discuss collaboration details, and finalizing the proposal and agreement. Click Begin Journey

To apply for a volunteering position or internship at Score Guides, individuals with various backgrounds, including education, graphic design, or a general interest in program development, can send their request to [email protected]. Interns will receive training in curriculum development and design from our expert team while completing simple tasks to gain valuable experience, along with receiving a volunteering certificate and monthly gift cards as a token of appreciation.