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At Score Guides, we excel in program development by meticulously meeting the diverse needs of institutions, including colleges, universities, and corporations, through thorough needs assessments and effective implementation on Learning Management Systems.


We conduct thorough needs assessments to precisely tailor programs for institutions, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Our programs are developed in alignment with industry standards such as TESL Canada guidelines and PTIB regulations, ensuring quality and credibility across all offerings. Additionally, we provide continuous support, seek feedback, and foster ongoing improvement to ensure sustained excellence and learner satisfaction.

OurDevelopment Process

We take a systematic approach to create engaging & effective programs and courses. Our successful programs in British Columbia highlight our expertise and commitment to quality education through key steps such as…

  1. Assess Needs: Tailor programs for colleges, universities, and businesses based on specific requirements.

  2. Compliance: Align with accrediting body guidelines for quality assurance.

  3. Define Objectives: Set clear learning outcomes for focused content development.

  4. Course Details: Outline comprehensive content, activities, and assignments for effective learning.

  5. Learning Resources: Compile and upload engaging learning resources, providing navigation support on LMS platforms.

  6. Engagement: Include interactive elements for active learning across subjects.

  7. Assess Fairly: Develop clear instructions and rubrics for effective evaluation.

  8. Effective Marketing: Create materials to attract diverse participants and communicate program benefits.

  9. Continuous Improvement: Gather stakeholder feedback for ongoing enhancement and relevance.

  10. Expert Guidance: Assign dedicated experts for high-quality content and innovative experiences.

Score Guides
Our Unique Approach
Our Development Process


We have partnered with various colleges to design and implement tailored programs that meet their unique needs. Our support extends beyond program development, ensuring ongoing success and satisfaction for our educational partners.