Our team includes experienced professionals from various fields like instructional design, curriculum development, assessment, and LMS management. Committed to academic excellence and innovative strategies, we create tailored programs that surpass global standards.

Dr. Mostafa Nazari, Ph.D.

Managing Director & Project Supervisor

Mostafa brings a wealth of expertise to Score Guides. With years of curriculum development experience and TESL Canada accreditation, he leads our team with vision and proficiency. Mostafa’s educational journey includes pursuing Ph.D. studies at Simon Fraser University, where he also taught curriculum development and literacy courses. He has augmented his skills through various certifications, including:

  • ADDIE for Instructional Design Certificate (2024) – International Society for Educational Technology (ISFET)
  • Strategies for Higher Education Teaching and Learning Certificate (2021) – Harvard University
  • Online Instructional Design Certificate (2021) – ISFET
  • Instructional Design Models Certificate (2021) – ISFET
  • Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Certificate (2018) – SFU

Jeff D. McCarville, M.Ed.

Curriculum Developer & Compliance Reviewer

Jeff is a versatile TESOL Specialist, serving as a Curriculum Developer and Compliance Reviewer. With a Masters of Arts in Education focused on TEAL (Teaching English as an Additional Language) from Simon Fraser University, along with a TESOL Certificate from Vancouver Community College, Jeff brings extensive experience in ESL instruction, English for Academic Purposes, and TESOL supervision. His research in intercultural language curriculum and contributions to academic publications underscore his commitment to academic excellence and instructional design.

Golsa Saadi

Golsa Saadi, MBA, B.Ed.

Instructional Designer & Assessment Coordinator

Golsa Saadi combines her educational expertise from UBC with a strong commitment to transformative education. With teaching experience at Yorkville University, and LaSalle College, Golsa brings a wealth of knowledge in education and business communication. Golsa’s qualifications also include certifications in research ethics and program facilitation. Her diverse professional background, coupled with her research interests in AI-enhanced decision-making and employee engagement, make her a valuable asset to our team.

Julie Lee, M.Ed.

EAP & ESL Specialist & Curriculum Developer

Julie brings a wealth of experience in teaching at institutions like Langara College and University Canada West. Her expertise spans across ESL and EAP levels, allowing her to tailor programs effectively to meet diverse learner needs. Julie’s skills in Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development ensure that our programs are not only engaging but also highly effective. She is known for her creative ideas in designing learning activities and engagement materials, making learning a dynamic and interactive experience.

Alireza Botlani

Alireza Botlani, M.S.

Web & Graphic Design Specialist / LMS Admin

Alireza plays a crucial role in keeping our technology running smoothly while also lending his creativity to our marketing materials. With expertise as an LMS Administrator and Graphic Designer, he wears many hats and excels in various aspects of technology management. He goes beyond technical support by designing learning websites and offering training sessions to colleges and companies on how to effectively utilize LMS systems.

Robin Fard

Robin Fard, M.Ed.

Assessment Coordinator & Compliance Reviewer

Robin holds a Master of Education from UBC and brings extensive experience in teacher training and international examination expertise. He has actively collaborated with prominent organizations in Canada such as Paragon Testing and the British Council as an assessment specialist. With a background in teacher training and a deep understanding of assessment policies and regulations, Robin also serves as a Compliance Reviewer in our company, ensuring that our courses consistently meet global standards.

Daniel Shaw, M.Ed.

Curriculum Developer & Assessment Specialist

Daniel, a seasoned TESOL & assessment Specialist is known for his engaging educational video clips, holds a master’s degree in education and has extensive experience in assessment and test preparation. Renowned for his captivating classes in EAP and business communication, Daniel brings scholarly depth to our projects. He is currently pursuing his PhD, further enhancing his expertise and contributions. Additionally, Daniel has co-authored a book titled “Punctuation Marks & Canada,” at Score Guides Inc.


Dr. Afsaneh Sharif

Instructional Design Advisor (University of British Columbia)

Dr. Ismaeil Fazel

Literacy & Content Development Advisor (University of British Columbia)