At Score Guides, we take copyright policies very seriously to ensure that our services adhere to legal and ethical standards. When collaborating with colleges or businesses to design programs, our priority is to follow all rules and regulations, ensuring that our work is based on official agreements with detailed terms.

We respect the intellectual property of our clients and do not share their materials without their explicit written permission. Any program or course we develop under an agreement becomes the property of the respective college or company, and we strictly adhere to copyright laws in all our endeavors.

Furthermore, we uphold copyright policies for all materials offered for free to other colleges or companies. These materials are still under our copyright policy, protecting our intellectual property while allowing others to benefit from our expertise and resources.

Our commitment to copyright compliance underscores our dedication to ethical practices and respect for intellectual property rights.

Please note that this information is provided as a general overview of our copyright policies. For specific inquiries or further details regarding copyright matters, please contact us at [email protected]