Our interactive (smart) posters provide you with selective, multimedia, and visually-attractive lessons. Use these posters to develop your knowledge & skills. These posters can be purchased both in printed or electronic format.

  1. Create a study account: Create a profile on our website and mobile app to track your study progress
  2. Interactive lessons: Enjoy study multimedia (text, illustrations, audio, video) lessons
  3. Study together: share your learning experiences with people around the world (poster blog)
  4. Evaluate yourself! Take multiple quizzes, check the answers, and receive feedback!
  5. Be smart! Scan the QR codes to enter a smart world of learning
  6. Finish with a certificate! Complete the poster and get a certificate from us!
  7. You are not alone! ask us your questions and receive feedback (we are available! 24/7)

How to use?

Watch the welcome video on the poster and follow the steps of your teacher! You’re good to go!

Where to use?

Hang on these posters on your room wall, library, company, or classroom!

Who uses our smart posters?

Teachers, students, universities, schools, libraries, companies, your study room!
  • Size: A0 (84cm x 120cm)
  • Print quality: HD (full color)
  • Paper: Stone paper (100% Tree Free, Water Proof, durable, recyclable)
  • Prices: Printed: $39 | Electronic: $29