Our infographics make complex concepts simple, attractive, and easy to remember! They are a visual step-by-step guide for understanding concepts, procedures, and lessons.  

  1. Infographics help you find concepts/lessons memorable and enjoyable!
  2. Learn complicated (many steps) concepts easy to master!
  3. You find the best illustrations and visual patterns in infographics
  4. They help teachers visualize their lessons
  5. They organize your mind and shape your critical thinking!
  6. Each infographic has a presenter (video clip via QR code).

How to use?

Hang on the infographics as a mini poster and follow the steps.

Where to use?

Stud rooms, library, or in the classroom.

Who uses Smart Infographics?

Students, teachers, scholars, employees, companies
  • Size: A3 (30cm * 42cm)
  • Print quality: HD (full color)
  • Paper: Stone paper (100% Tree Free, Water Proof, durable, recyclable)
  • Prices: Printed: $8.95 | Electronic: $6.95