Our flash cards are efficient, portable, cost-effective study materials for learning, review sessions and tests. Each package contains between 40 and 60 cards.

  1. Portable materials for busy students
  2. Great material for memorizing key concepts
  3. Scan the QR code and watch your teacher explaining the main points
  4. Flash cards make difficult concepts easy to learn and remember
  5. A lovely material for visual learners!

How to use?

Carry them with you, ready them card by card and watch a video for more explanation.

Where to use?

In the classroom, library, on your study desk!

Who uses our Flash cards?

Students, learning lovers, travelers, almost everyone!
  • Size: Each card is 7cm * 15cm
  • Print quality: HD (full color)
  • Paper: Stone paper (100% Tree Free, Water Proof, durable, recyclable)
  • Prices: Printed: $24.95 | Electronic: $15.95