For our TESOL program development projects, we conduct needs assessments and define clear objectives, ensuring engaging and effective courses.


TESOL 150 & 300 Programs

-Designed for D&H College
-The courses received TESL Canada accreditation
-Completion: 2018 

TESOL 150 & 250 Programs

-Designed for  Canada Royal Northville College
-The courses received TESL Canada accreditation
-Completion: 2020 
  1. Conduct needs assessment: Identify college and student needs for TESOL training.
  2. Research standards: Ensure compliance with accrediting body guidelines (TESL Canada).
  3. Define program objectives: Articulate learning outcomes for each course.
  4. Develop course outlines: Detail course content, activities, and assignments.
  5. Design learning materials: Curate relevant resources to support instruction.
  6. Foster engagement: Include interactive elements for active learning.
  7. Create marketing materials: Communicate program benefits effectively.
  8. Prepare assignment instructions: Align tasks with course objectives.
  9. Seek feedback: Gather input for program improvement.
  10. Implement on Moodle: Upload materials onto the LMS. Offer support for Moodle navigation.